Global AI Empowered Healthcare China Summit 2019 will be held in Shanghai on March 28, 2019

2019-02-11 2154

With the development of AI Technologies,voice interactioncomputer vision,cognitive  computing, deep learning and other technologies gradually come to fruition, various AI applications in medical fields turn into reality, for instances. patient’s health records input by voices, intelligent recognition of medical images, aided-diagnosis and treatment/ cancer diagnosis, medical robotics, intelligent analysis of big data of personal health, AI –aided drug discovery and etc. Through the application of AI, disadvantages due to lack of quality medical resources can be settleddiagnostic level can be improved and medical cost can be slashed remarkably. According to the forecast by Accenture, when medical industry is combined with AI, 150 billion USD could be saved for US medical institutions alone in 2026. By another investigation, 40% of the poll recipients of pharmaceutical companies confirmed that they have either employed or put in place the AI techniques.

According to estimate by Tracticaglobal medical AI market is expected to surpass 34 billion USD in 2025, especially in China, AI medical market has been expanding at a compound rate of over 40% over recent yearsmarket scale surged from 9.661 billion RMB in 2016, 13.65 billion RMB in 2017 to 20.4 billion RMB in 2018. In terms of investmentinvestors of the startups and venture capitals all realized huge potential of this area. In 2017, global investment in medical AI reached 1.3 billion USD and has been on the rise in 2018; from 2013 to 2017, Chinese medical AI industry secured 241 project financings, among which, publicly released successful domestic fundraising cases in 2017 alone attained 30, with an amount exceeding 1.8 billion RMB. In 2018, just in the first half, 18 companies secured investment totaling over 3.1 billion RMB. In addition, the market has witnessed not only the medical and pharmaceutical majors flock to make inroads into AI field, an increasing number of high-tech giants also start to jump onto the bandwagon of medical AI industry, splash out generously one after another on upstream and downstream of medical industry to expand their business.

Under this backgroud, Global AI Empowered Healthcare China Summit 2019 is to be held in Shanghai, this event will attract 800 business leaders from more than 30 countries in the world, they are CTO/CIO and IT experts from top international medical and life science groups, high-tech giants, medical research institute and laboratories, medical AI solution providers, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, medical software companies and large hospitals. During this event, we will arrange 1-on-1 project matchmaking for sponsors, provide an opportunity for various leading players in the medical AI industrial chain to showcase their brands and conducting cooperation with healthcare organizations. Concurrently, this event is also featuring a small exhibition and industry awarding ceremony. Through this event, you can get a deeper insight into global medical AI technological innovation and market trends, acquire relevant policies and industry information both at home and abroad, exploit the business opportunities presented by AI+Healthcare potential, steal a march and get ahead of your peers in the forthcoming booming market!

Participants Come From

· Hospitals / Medical Center / Clinics

· Integrated Delivery Networks (IDN)

· Medical Research Institute and Laboratories

· Medical & Life Science Companies

· Pharmaceutical Companies

· High Tech Companies

· Healthcare AI Startups

· Machine Learning / Deep Learing Solutions

· Medical Robotics

· Intelligent Medical Image Analysis

· Healthcare Wearables

· Health Information System

· ePrescribing Solutions

· Mobile Health Solution


· Medical Univeristy / Research Institute