Cover Media combines the competence-based theory and professional systems in conjunction with enterprises’ overall strategic goals, and using customers’ requirements as guidance to develop the most authoritative, most professional and customized training services for our clients.


In order to design a professional training based on the competence requirements, we conduct a complete interview before training, track the trainees after their training and perform measurable performance evaluations.  As a result, the employees’ competencies are improved, employees’ retention and motivation are increased, and the overall performance of the enterprises is improved.  


Cover Media provides overall professional solutions for enterprises’ employee training and development.  We help enterprises transform their training function from the traditional duty management to the modern competency management. We take it as our duty to help our clients develop employee competencies and enhance their performance.


Training courses are grouped in two categories: public training course and in-house courses.


Our public training courses are independently researched with industry experts to offer you focused and topical agendas on issues facing the financial, business, energy and legal markets. At each course you will hear from multiple practitioners offering their expertise and techniques to resolve the industry challenges you face.


Our in-house courses are tailored to fit your own training objectives. In-house training offers you the flexibility to choose the course you need, at the time you need, in the location you need.